Storms, Films, Saphhic Delinquency and A Shout Out to Erie!

Well, we didn't make it to the sex toy party.  And what's up with the comments about marriage in relation to that?  Who needs marriage to enjoy a good dildo?  Hmmm …

We ate Chinese food and grabbed some ice cream at Klavons in the Strip.  I was still a little rattled by my experience of being trapped in my car in the middle of the Waterworks parking lot during Part Deux of the storms on Thursday.  While we are fortunate to have no damage to our property, it was the most terrifying 20 minutes of my life and I was surprised to find that I couldn't just shake it off.  Of course, Friday I had to staff a table out in the middle of Schenley Park in the rain.  We packed up and ran for the cars, but I was trembling at the thunder roaring in my imagination.  So needless to say, a quiet evening minus any thumping bass seemed restorative.  I am somewhat bummed that Klavon's is temporarily out of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream which cures all sorts of ailments and nervous conditions.  And I am happy to report that those yuppies who brought their children into the establishment were in full parental mode resulting in several charming moments and much pleasurable ice-cream consumption time. 

Anyway, there's some other good stuff coming up you should know about …

The Singles Supper Club is coming up on Wednesday August 15 at 5801 in Shadyside.  It is $12.00 per person and reportedly has some women in attendance.  For more information

The Renaissance City Choirs (men and women) are holding auditions at the end of the month.  Check out for more details. 

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The Pittsburgh Lesbian and Gay Film Society is seeking submissions from folks with local connections.  Check out for more information.   I'm going kayaking with the plgfs president on Sunday.  But, alas, I have nothing to submit. 

Operation Sappho has moved to Cattivo in Lawrenceville (all the lesbians are buzzing about Cattivo) on Saturday, August 18 from 10 PM – 2 AM.  Apparently, it is a juvenile delinquent theme — Ehrrin and I tried to decipher that and its the best we could come up with!). 

Erie Pride is August 25, 2007

Here's something you should bookmark … the Pgh Queer Events Calendar  Ehrrin does a super-duper job keeping us homos informed on what's going down in Pittsburgh's Queer and Queer-Friendly scene.  And she does it out of the goodness of her heart.  Visit early and often.  I've gotta come up with a street name for Ehrrin since she's a recurring character in this blog.  Suggestions? 

So that's it for me.  Other icky stuff is happening across the homosphere.  Fred Phelps says the bridge collapsed to punish Minnesota for being so gay tolerance (huh?).   The Phillies have lost five years in a row on “Gay Night” and Repent America thinks they know why.  Good grief.  No links provided. 

I'm off to put up flyers, hit the library and then, apparently, do housework to appease Ledcat.  Tomorrow, we are going kayaking with some friends.  I'm very excited.  As long as there are no river snakes …


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