Pittsburgh Gay Round Up : McIntire, McCain, and Madison, Wisconsin

Not much happening locally in the LGBTQ world.  No rancid letters to the editor, no debates over GSAs in the local schools, no closets being opened.

Peduto's announcement is good news for those of us who want an actual Democrat, not the Yinzer Republican Prince in sheep's, oops, lamb's clothing.

For the chicas, coming up on Monday is the monthly Queers: They're Whats for Dinner at the Gypsy Cafe on Pittsburgh's Southside.  Much big fun to be had and a great way to get to know some really cool sisters. 

Also, coming up on January 20 is Operation Sappho a queer/lesbian dance at Ava Bar and Lounge. Dress in red, enjoy 3 dj's and the smoke free environment.

For those of you who love McIntire, there's the Sex, Religion, Politics, Cats, Lesbians, Cheesy Hawaiian Shirts and Geezers Tour at the Club Cafe on Weds Jan 31. Brought to you by Starbucks and Geritol.  Ironically, we cannot go b/c the 11 PM kick-off is past our bedtime.  Plus, they smoke there (thanks for that Danny O!). 

John McCain was dissed by Christian Grand Poobah Jimmy Dobson for being un-conservative.  McCain is now spinning himself into a frenzy to fix things with the wingnuts. Guess what the sticking point is?  Bing!  Traditional Marriage! Pathetic.

Rudy Giuliani, on the other hand, has actually hired a homo-hater for his will I/won't I exploratory team.  Jim Nussle from Iowa is anti-choice and anti-gay. 

Madison, Wisconsin city council Tuesday night approved a measure allowing city officials to include a statement supporting same-sex marriage in their oaths of office. Wisconsin has a anti-homo amendment in their constitution, but Madisonians want to work to overturn it.


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