The End of My Year 2023 By the Numbers

It has been 127 days since I was involuntarily removed from my home of 18+ years – in handcuffs under false pretext using an invalid warrant. That’s one third of 2023. One entire third of my year. Gone. Every single one of those day, I have focused on two things: recovering from the traumas and […]

What Are The 40 Most Well Read Blog Posts in 2023?

Once again, time to look back at the blog post content most often read this past year. Top Posts Once again, it is sobering to see so much anti-trans violence. I am humbled to do this work for over a decade as a friend requested of me, but very sad as well. Indeed, 35 of […]

The 20 Most Widely Read PghLesbian Blog Posts of 2018

Pittsburgh 2018 Blog Posts

As we wrap up our 13th year of blogging, it is time to look back at the most frequently read blog posts from 2018. My coverage of violence against LGBTQ people, people of color, and women continue to be among the most often read topics. I’m committed to providing that coverage, but loathe that there […]

Ten Most Popular Blog Posts of 2014

2014 In Review

  These are the posts that drew the most viewers in 2014. It is an interesting mix of LGBTQ specific information and human services/poverty stories. Most of the stories are local, but not all. I think this reflects some of the balance I strive for on the blog. 10. Toys for Tots Distribution Information  – this […]