Dear PA Residents – Please Don’t Rush Into Getting Gay Married

I am so simply exhausted right now that I’m sure this post will be much more flippant than I intend. I’ve been on the phone ALL DAY dealing with media calls and trying to help people get services.  And doing laundry.  And medicating cats. The glamorous life. So I just read that Montgomery County, Pennsylvania […]

Ten Days, Ten Dollars for LGBTQ Equality

In ten days, Ledcat and I will celebrate our tenth anniversary. That’s a lot of years of love, tears, laughs, hugs and ice cream. We met at the Gay & Lesbian Community Center of Pittsburgh. We both responded to an invitation to help organize a women’s discussion group. A week later, we both attended a […]

The Week in LGBTQ – February 17, 2013

Laurel from Pam’s House Blend takes a look at the Gallup poll results on the number of LGBTQ persons in each state. She questions if the data reflects actual disparities in the number of LGBTQ residents in the respective states OR the willingness to openly identify as LGBTQ in more repressive environments. Take a look […]

Local Opinions on All Things LGBTQ in the Tribune Review

It has been awhile since we posted opinions from local “Letters to the Editor” sections … The Tribune-Review has been hopping with a back and forth discussion about marriage equality.  First, Rudy published some sort of anti-gay screed which I can’t find online. But then Jim Harger of New Kensington responds by pointing out that […]

Pinning Queerly – Me and My Pinterest Boards

When I joined Pinterest, I started a set of boards for my work projects and a set for my personal life. Unfortunately (???) I defaulted to work pins because it was easier. I have to take the effort to log out and back in to post to my PghLesbian boards so I rarely do it.  […]