Friends Don’t Describe Friends as Homosexuals

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

This week has brought out an array of interesting allies to the LGBTQ community. I’ve watched all sorts of folks respond to the vote for bigotry in NC and the President’s statement (and the Vice President’s statement earlier in the week) with a mixture of delight and surprise. Most of the people I know seem […]

Cynthia Nixon is Entitled To Her Own Identity

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

People. Shrieking and pulling apart Cynthia Nixon’s comments about bisexuality and gay is just tiresome. Relax. The world will not end because Cynthia Nixon has experienced and reacted to biphobia within the LGBTQ community. Guess what? We are biphobic. I can name at least a dozen women I know who have made repeated disparaging comments […]

The Bisexual Umbrella

Bisexual Umbrella

Found this on Bi radical. What are your thoughts?   Bisexuality is a topic fraught with misunderstandings, prejudice and fear. I know only one community leader in Pittsburgh who identifies as bisexual, the Reverend Janet Edwards who also acknowledges she is married to a man.  I’ve never heard anyone challenge her and I suspect it […]