The Bisexual Umbrella

Found this on Bi radical. What are your thoughts?


Bisexuality is a topic fraught with misunderstandings, prejudice and fear. I know only one community leader in Pittsburgh who identifies as bisexual, the Reverend Janet Edwards who also acknowledges she is married to a man.  I’ve never heard anyone challenge her and I suspect it is because she carries a tremendous amount of credibility for her courage and her advocacy. I think she is an excellent spokesperson for the bisexual community simply because she embraces her identity and then moves on with the conversation.

How sad that it isn’t true for pretty much every other bisexual person that I know.  They have their reasons and I certainly can’t judge, except to say that the more people who openly embrace their identity the healthier they are and their community is in general.

That being said, it can lead us into the circular reasoning of someone needing to come out to start the ball rolling toward the larger community being more respectful and inclusive.  Or the larger community in Pittsburgh could do a better job of being inclusive and respectful. I have sat in public meetings where respected community leaders made (not funny) jokes about bisexuals hiding in the suburbs. I have heard others dismiss bisexuality as “indecision” and negate the coming out process/experience without a second thought, something they would slam people for doing with regard to being gay or lesbian.




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