Cynthia Nixon is Entitled To Her Own Identity

People. Shrieking and pulling apart Cynthia Nixon’s comments about bisexuality and gay is just tiresome.

Relax. The world will not end because Cynthia Nixon has experienced and reacted to biphobia within the LGBTQ community.

Guess what? We are biphobic. I can name at least a dozen women I know who have made repeated disparaging comments about women who aren’t “classic lesbians”

  • Experimenting
  • College girls trying to make their boyfriends jealous
  • Taking advantage of straight privilege
  • In denial
  • <insert slur>
It is very tiresome. Pam Spaulding wrote about Cynthia’s decision not to embrace the term bisexual as her identity as a missed opportunity, but didn’t have the big panic moment that it will fuel decades of right wing hatred.
I disagree with Pam. I think Cynthia can do whatever the hell she wants. I think the lesbians and the gay men need to do the heavy lifting to follow through on all the “privilege” they’ve acquired in the struggle for equal rights. Embrace someone who doesn’t ascribe to your concept of a gender/sexual binary and stop worrying so much about whether they are trying to get in your pant, break your heart or destroy your carefully constructed wary stance against privilege.
It isn’t Cynthia Nixon’s job to make us feel better about bisexuality. It is our job to recognize that a woman with privilege, acceptance and a platform still feels it pretty deeply.


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  • …but didn’t have the big panic moment that it will fuel decades of right wing hatred….

    The sky may not be falling, but it doesn’t mean the opposition isn’t trying to run the gamut because they are. I’m sure you know as well as I what a demonstrable thing it is for equality advocates to play into the opposition’s hands.

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