Pittsburgh Cat Folx is an umbrella term that captures several initiatives in collaboration of Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents and Pittsburgh LGBTQ Charities (PLC).

A few years ago, I created the hashtag #pghcatladies to track our own cat foster and trapping and caring work. But we did create a Facebook group for cat ladies (and friends) on the Northside to work collectively. As time went on, I realized that cat ladies was just too gendered to be consistent with my own values so I pivoted to the phrase “Cat Folx” to include cat ladies, cat men, cat people, cat friends, cat lovers, and cat enthusiasts. We also want to remind people that not all cat people are the stereotypical white suburban middle aged women we see in memes.

Our current projects include:

  • Dr. John R. Ruffing Pet Food Projects – connecting neighbors with pet food resources in honor of my departed friend, veterinarian Dr. Ruffing.
  • Kerry’s Kittens was set up to honor Sue’s mother, Kerry, who died in February 2022. We have a Kerry’s Kittens wishlist and accept financial donations to support kittens.
  • Fort Faulsey is one of our colonies, a project that began with helping 3 kittens and grew into this large effort. At times, the feeding station draws nearly 20 cats. Fort Faulsey is our mechanism for redistributing gently used pet items to other colony caretakers, foster groups, and rescues. Fort Faulsey now has a “satellite” campus in our backyard where some of the cats have migrated.
  • Fostering – we foster kittens through Pittsburgh CAT and encourage you to visit their site to learn about kittens and cats available for adoption. You can also reach out if you are interested in fostering.
  •  Lots of blogging, using our best skills to share our best content.
  • Our #PghCatFolx yard signs are available for a $50 donation that will help us support community cat efforts.

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