#PghCatFolx Collecting Donations of Cat Stuff to Support Neighbors

Temporary Home of the #PghCatFolx Projects

This is our new storage unit, filled with pieces of a shed we’ll erect in the spring. “

We” is Pittsburgh LGBTQ Charities#PghCatFolx projects

There’s plenty of room for your gently used pet items that we will distribute to cat colony caretakers, rescue groups, and pet owners.

This is the precursor to our Free Pet Stuff Store 15233 and the Cat Folx Lending Library.

Please keep us in mind for the following

  • pet beds
  • carriers, crates, kennels
  • toys
  • towels and sheets
  • blankets and spreads (no comforters)
  • cat scratching posts and trees
  • pet dishes, all sizes
  • decorative pet themed items
  • treats and canned food
  • paper plates
  • catnip
  • reusable and disposable pee pads
  • traps, transfer cage, bite gloves
  • sturdy plastic bins with lids
  • dog houses
  • litter pans in excellent condition (no scratches)
  • leashes and collars
  • We cannot accept pillows.
  • All items must be clean.
  • Please do not use scented detergent or fabric softeners

Thanks for helping us to get a solid start. Yes we can accept other items with advance notice. Please email folx@pghlgbtq.org

Before donating, we highly recommend you read this post, a long one but filled with lots of details.

A hard used tree found a new home with someone who was able to patch it up.
I loaded and unloaded all of these bags of donated food
Clean towels are a great donation
Our nephews donated a cat tree


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