Buffy Sing-A-Long This Friday — How Very Gay!

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

The search for weapons of heterosexual destruction — Mary Cheney’s baby garners yet another opinion piece

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

The PG ran an interesting commentary by Slate's William Saletan who contemplates the oft-cited but never actually proven claim that homosexuals are not fit parents. The 30-year search for proof that gay parents are destructive looks a lot like the hunt for WMD. Saletan uses the conception and pregnancy of Mary Cheney to illustrate his […]

Fed Court Strikes Down Oklahoma’s Anti-Gay Adoption Law

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

Whereas our federal government seems insistent on bringing the anti-gay marriage amendment to the Senate floor, things are looking up in the federal court system.  More accurately, we aren't losing ground in the federal courts On Friday, the US District Court ruled that an Oklahoma law banning LGBT couples from adopting was so extreme that it […]

Sue and John McIntire Discuss Mary Cheney on KDKA

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

Tune into KDKA Thursday evening when I'll join evening host John McIntire for an in depth look at Mary Cheney's book tour.  Yes, Mary has a new book out “It's My Turn Now” which gives us an inside peek at the life of a traitorous Republican whore who happens to be a lesbian.  John enjoys lesbian peeking, […]

The Trib’s Mike Seate – Homo Friend or Foe

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

Tribune-Review columnist Mike Seate has recently made repeated forays into gay issues, commenting on Rene Portland as well as the straight-appeal of beloved gay bar True.  His most recent column examines anti-gay activists outrage with that icon of the gay community … Wal-Mart. Yes, of course, its because Wal-Mart is selling DVD copies of Brokeback Mountain.  […]

Russian Christians Partner with Skinheads on Gay Rights

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

Here's a sad fact: Russian Orthdox Catholics are working in unity with skinheads to oppose gay rights. On Sunday police had to hold back a crowd of bottle-tossing skinheads and Bible- clutching church folks who were protesting a gay event at a local club. Not to be outdone by the Christian-Skinhead connection, Russian Muslims are […]

Big Lesbian Welcome to Correspondent Shelly

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents is pleased to welcome our newest correspondent Shelly. We’ve known Shelly for several years — she is very active in the local LGBT community. Her writing, you will find, is articulate, insightful and from a slightly different perspective than Ledcat and me. Three’s Company, too! Welcome aboard Shelly! Sue

Lesbians Host ManXposure 2006

Aren't they cute?  These are two of our canine crew members, Alexander and Amadeus.  We've been working on a 7 month quest to help them come to terms with their apparent fear of men.  Hence … MANXPOSURE 2006 Essentially, we ferret out our male friends who aren't afraid of big dogs and invite them over […]

Photo from White House Easter Egg Hunt

Courtesy of Pam's House Blend Same-sex couple Christina Burke (L) and Victoria Burke (R), both from Salisbury, Maryland, pose with Mrs. Bunny and their daughter, Phobe (6 months old), on the South Lawn of the White House during the annual 2006 White House Easter Egg Roll in Washington, April 17, 2006. The Burke's are wearing […]

White House Lets Gay Families In the Back Door to Easter Egg Hunt

The White House is generously alllowing children in gay families to participate in the annual Easter Egg Roll festivities. However, amid growing controversy about the gays invading a children's event (code for preventing homos from recruiting children), the White House pulled a fast one as Page One Q reports. The gays queud as early as 24 […]