The Trib’s Mike Seate – Homo Friend or Foe

Tribune-Review columnist Mike Seate has recently made repeated forays into gay issues, commenting on Rene Portland as well as the straight-appeal of beloved gay bar True.  His most recent column examines anti-gay activists outrage with that icon of the gay community … Wal-Mart.

Yes, of course, its because Wal-Mart is selling DVD copies of Brokeback Mountain.  Immoral, family values, blah, blah, blah. 

Seate takes a few obvious shots, most notably questioning whether any self-respecting homo would set foot in Wal-Mart.  He's clearly a man who is okay with homos as long as stay in our place and don't get all outrageous (paging Ivana Trailer). 

But Seate does make an interesting point at the end of his column:

So lighten up American Family Association. “Brokeback Mountain” itself is enough to prove that the lives of gay people are no more interesting or weird than anyone else.

Surely it ain't so!  My life is filled with all sorts of gay drama.  Why just tonight I not only cooked dinner but, in a fit of lesbian petulance, I left the dirty dishes in the sink to sneak up to my computer.  (Honey, I really will do them before bed.)  Earlier today, I went to Shop'N Save and bought dental floss for my partner.  And, before drifting off the sleep, I have a load of socks to sort. 

Mike, next time you are on Pittsburgh's North Shore (aka North Side), your chocolate martini is on me.


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