Lesbians Host ManXposure 2006

Aren't they cute? 

These are two of our canine crew members, Alexander and Amadeus.  We've been working on a 7 month quest to help them come to terms with their apparent fear of men.  Hence …


Essentially, we ferret out our male friends who aren't afraid of big dogs and invite them over to toss bacon bits and other meaty tidbits to two large barking dogs while trying not to flinch. We reward the men with chocolate chip cookies.

It has been working very well.  After about 10 minutes of fear barking, they both end up on the floor begging for belly rubs and petting. Now, we are gearing up for a summer Man Party.  Two dogs, two lesbians, our straight female dog trainer and a room full of gay men … now that's a party! 

Miss Mona and her feline companions are not thrilled with all the ruckus, but certainly enjoy the company.  They only fear children with sticky fingers. 


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  • Hmmm SOMEone forgot my chocolate chip cookies during my visit!
    LIKE the concept tho. Maybe we can figure out a way to do a HOMOXPOSURE thing — inviting straight people to visit a gay couple in their home so that they see that WE ARE THEIR NEIGHBORS (and quite human) and that they won't catch queer cooties or any of that hysterical stuff that republican/bible thumpers spread around about us like a really thick layer of horse manure.
    The straight people could toss us steaks, lobster, shrimp, brownies, and caviar without a lot of flinching and earn a merit badge or lapel pin.
    However, I doubt that the roll around on the floor and begging them to rub my belly or “petting me” thing would work out. That would just be too freaky… especially since you KNOW that some of those deeply closeted ones might get too excited from touching us…

  • John McIntire and I had a bit called “Take a Homo to Lunch” with that very same idea!
    Steak, caviar … what kind of lesbian tossing food is that? What about tossing tofu and wheat germ? 🙂
    Definitely shrimp and brownies …

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