Happy Hour Fundraiser!

Join us for a Happy Hour Fundraiser, Friday Nov 17, at Bier’s Pub on the Northside. Benefits The AMPLIFY Project and SisTers PGH.    

My Family Tree: Unexpected Loss of My Cousin Brian Koerber

Brian Koerber

This is a hard time of year for me. In 2007, my dear old friend died at age 41. In 2010, my elder maternal cousin Theresa died at age 45.  In 2012, another old friend and brother to my college roommate died at age 45. His name was Kevin. I’m now older than all of […]

My Family Story: The Mysterious Life of Sarah Ann Campbell (1871-1907)

I’ve blogged about three of my 2x great grandmothers, all on my paternal side of the family.  Most people have eight 2x great grandmothers, four on the paternal side and four on the maternal. The final paternal 2x great grandma is perhaps the most mysterious of my recent ancestors – her name, I now know, […]

Hilary, 44, Works Hard to Boost Pansexual Identity in Erie County #AMPLIFY

Name: Hilary Copp Age: 44 County of Residence: Erie County, previously has lived in New Jersey, Chicago, Atlanta, and Ohio. Pronouns: she/her How do you describe your identity? Cisgender white female, pansexual Please describe your coming out experience. Where did you find support? What challenges did you face? I have a tremendous amount of privilege […]


Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

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It Happened To Me: I Found Unclaimed Property in the @PATreasury

File this under good news and great timing. I decided to browse the PA Department of Treasury Unclaimed Property website. To my suprise, I found four items that belonged to me. So I filled out the form, had it notarized and sent it off to the State. And waited. And waited some more. Three months […]

Remembering Things The Wrong Way

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

My mind is sort of stuck in low-gear these days, so I’m using blogging prompts to plow through while creating content. Write about a time you realised you were mistaken. I have a very clear and distinct memory of the first time I remember an adult in my family dying. My maternal grandfather had died […]

Win Copies of the “Versace On The Floor (Bruno Mars Vs. David Guetta)” Remix! #Giveaway

Win copies of the “Versace On The Floor (Bruno Mars Vs. David Guetta)” remix! “Versace On The Floor (Bruno Mars Vs. David Guetta)” the official David Guetta remix of the smash hit song from global superstar Bruno Mars Available Now: https://brunom.rs/bmvsdg Connect with Bruno Mars: facebook.com/brunomars twitter.com/brunomars instagram.com/brunomars Connect with David Guetta: facebook.com/davidguetta twitter.com/davidguetta instagram.com/davidguetta Giveaway […]

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

Hello, hello, hello. Ledcat and I are heading out the door soon for a week of vacation fun at Rehoboth Beach. Our friend invited us to join her family at their beach house which is super generous of them. We are looking forward to some R&R and a few little adventures as well. Our beloved […]