Transwoman brutally slain, and media fail

Cleveland Transgender

So, here’s what we know—”Cemia Dove” “Ce Ce” (or “Ci Ci”) Acoff was a transgender woman whose battered body was found dumped in a pond in a Cleveland suburb on April 17. Here’s what else we know—after she was victimized by a murderer, she was re-victimized by the Cleveland media. Acoff was found stabbed repeatedly, […]

Obituary – Randy Forrester

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

With hopes of forgiveness from the Post-Gazette, this should be read by all. Randal G. “Randy” Forrester was 16 when he came out as a gay man to his parents, and likewise was open about his sexuality with his friends and classmates. That was in 1963, when society's attitudes about homosexuality were in the Stone […]