Was Dr. John P. Ruffing Your Veterinarian? Celebrate His Birthday!

He would be 58 on Wednesday

Sometimes, I wonder how life would be if he had lived past the age of 41. But then I realize that is pointless. I am pretty sure he would not read my blog (all the reading!) and would proud of my awards.

I have countless stories. Right now, I’m thinking about my recently deceased father who adored John. On the day of John’s funeral, we sat together for the service. Then folx went for a repast. I didn’t want to do that so I turned to my Dad and said “Why don’t we go clean out his kitchen for the family?”

John had been rushed to the hospital over a week prior and never came home. I had spent the night before there with his beloved dogs. I tried to explain to them, I ccrawled into his bed with them, and I cried.

My Dad quickly agreed with me. He did not like social groups and he felt so helpless that this young man he loved was gone. So we headed over there, let the dogs run loose, and began emptying the fridge and freezer, doing dishes, wiping and scrubbing. We talked about our memories of John.

Instead of flowers, we ordered several cases of dog food to be delivered to his mother’s house.

That’s who John and my Dad helped me to grow up to be. Now I’m truly alone that they both with my mother are gone.

John would tell me the only true love was from a pet. Well, he would say dog but cats are okay, too.

If you are able to chip in, I’ve set the goal of $580 for his 58th birthday.

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John loved this song. He felt a lot of loneliness and isolation in his life as only a gay kid who went to a suburban school in the early 80’s could. He deserved better.


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