Podcast Tuesday: This is a New Thing

Sharing podcast episodes to try something new.

There are some podcasts you might want to add to your list. LGBTQ focused, they explore all of the news you rarely hear elsewhere.

I’m going to try to embed the latest episodes weekly in a roundup format. I’m not planning to create a podcast, but I would like to amplify what’s already being created.

Also, I’m NOT going to write an overarching intro to these shows. Listen for yourself. I may not be consistent or keep up with this roundup approach. If I do, we’ll indulge in some more get-to-know them content.

Content Notes: all three shows cover LGBTQ stories. I don’t agree with everything they share. But I do appreciate that they create it and hope you will feel that way, too.

Also I should note that all three have referenced my blog or me in previous episodes.

Let’s start with my basics

  • Gay USA
  • Translash Media
  • American Fever Dream

Gay Life USA – April 3, 2024

Check out Trans Youth in Oklahoma from TransLash Podcast with Imara Jones

American Fever Dream April 2, 2024 Is Cowboy Carter the Most American Album Ever?


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