If Pittsburgh Trans Folx Need a Sign, the Protect Trans Kids Project is Here

The Protect Trans Kids Project (#PTK) is needed now more than ever. Thus, Pittsburgh LGBTQ Charities is reinvigorating this public show of support for the trans community.

You can request a sign, sticker, or pen at this link. There is no charge for these items, but we do rely entirely on donations.

#PTK took a step back after 7 individuals and entities (including me and my blog) were named in a defamation legal action in June 2023. Defamation law is a tricky thing. We all consulted attorneys. And realized if/when it moves ahead, we will face significant legal fees even with significant pro bono support. That support will not come from the #PTK project funding. PLC is not named in the defamation case.

But we couldn’t keep juggling all of the balls, so we took a step back.

Also, we do not know what is being identified as defamation. That’s how odd PA defamation law is. No need to try to figure it out; we’ve got the best lawyers. The real need is to resist by continuing to speak up for trans kids in our communities.

There are several new reasons to revisit the project.

  • Pennsylvania legislators have introduced at least eight bills that would harm trans kids.
  • Two local school districts (South Side in Beaver and Pine-Richland) are wrestling to impose anti-trans school policies. Pennsylvania has 500 school districts.
  • Anti-trans violence against youth is increasing, including incidents where the assailants are also youth. Nex Benedict, Alex Franco, Jacob William, Siyag Woodland, Brianna Ghey to name a few. This blog post has more details.
  • The relentless rhetoric tied to the 2024 elections will only worsen in the upcoming months.

How to help

  • Request a sign for your home.
  • Request stickers to distribute to your friends.
  • Encourage neighbors to do the same.
  • Purchase a full box of 50 signs to distribute in your community (divide the costs with neighbors.)
  • Request stickers and pens for your show or event.
  • Offer your business or home as a distribution spot in your community. We currently have Aliquippa, Brookline, Butler City, Carnegie, Etna, Fox Chapel, McCandless, Swissvale, and the Northside
  • If you need replacement stakes for your current sign, we have those, too.

We are proud to have created 2000 signs, 2500 pens, and 10,000 stickers for distribution.

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Visibility matters. There are too many people who cannot safely display a sign. If you CAN display a sign, you must. For them. For all of us.

Protect Trans Kids


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For 18+ years,  snowflakes, social justice warriors, and the politically correct have built this blog.

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