How this Delaware County School District is Affirming the Privacy of Transgender Students through New Policies

transgender bathroom policies

We recently learned that Penn-Delco School District leaders are working on a draft of a policy addressing nondiscrimination needs of the students. This includes transgender students. Penn-Delco is a suburban public school school district in Delaware County, Pennsylvania.

Some transgender students are not openly so at home for reasons such as safety concerns or lack of acceptance. Penn-Delco’s usual practice is to try to involve parents in any student issues of which it becomes aware. Penn-Delco will continue to do so with the family with respect to a student’s transgender status, unless and until the student’s safety and welfare appear to the district be compromised.

Some students planned to walk out of class in protest of the draft policies. About 50-60 did so.

Reportedly, Principal John Paul Roskos sent a follow-up email to families that said that because the protest was “unrelated to any student or school sanctioned event,” the district’s policy on unexcused absences would apply.

“When students attend school, parents and school staff expect them to be where they are scheduled to be,” he wrote. “For that reason, ‘cutting’ or skipping class is not permitted in schools and is treated as an infraction.”

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According to District Superintendent Dr. George Steinhoff there has never been a board-approved policy addressing gender identity accommodations. Separate nondiscrimination policies have been in place.

He said the board is addressing a more specific policy now in consideration of requests to codify the process around restroom access. The high school provides both multi-user and single-user restrooms to maximize privacy and convenience. Any student who wishes to use a single-user restroom may do so. 

Meanwhile, there is no policy or practice that grants males and females permission to whimsically choose to use one another’s restrooms with no basis. “Protecting” girls and women in particular bathrooms ignores the fact that anyone at any time could simply walk into any bathroom they wish to. These often cited but rarely proven claims are made to isolate and demonize trans students. Anyone can walk into any bathroom they wish to access.

We’ve posted about similar policy challenges in Perkiomen School District, Pennridge School Board in Bucks County, and Red Lion School District in York County all recently passed anti-trans policies. Hopewell School District in nearby Beaver County has affirmed compliance with Title IX definitions. With over 500 school districts in Pennsylvania and a lack of consistent guidance statewide, this could continue to play out like a ping pong game with children’s lives in the middle.


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