Review: The Little Mermaid and My 11-Year-Old Nephew


We sent our Disney movie expert Elijah, 11, to preview the Live Action version of The Little Mermaid. Elijah submitted an audio review and I added the transcript. Elijah is 11, an experienced Disney fan courtesy of his mom, and also happens to be a Black child. He previously connected the movie casting to the then-representation on MSNBC. MSNBC obviously did not listen, but the rest of us should …


Thursday of last week I went to see the new live-action Little Mermaid before it came out in theaters.

First off I’m going to start with the character development in Ariel. It is based off of the last movie but added a lot more to her character and how she felt without legs and no voice on the human realm, and how she thought of her father. It also can be it also compared really nicely with Triton mostly the same moments but really showed how angry he was at the human world for what happened to Ariel’s mother.

It also showed how Eric actually felt that he didn’t fit in with the royal family. They gave us a little backstory with him, more than just being the prince which I really liked but it was mostly the same same other than showing him actually wanting to be at sea.

Ursula not much it just was the same thing can’t really change Ursula.

What I did like is what they did some with Sebastian. It made it more funny at the same time as maybe more serious and actually caring about Ariel more than just his job like it showed in in the original movie and Scuttle was the same, annoying but funny.

Okay so now I’m gonna go back to Ariel. In the last movie, it just showed us more on Eric’s view of Ariel with no voice. In this movie it actually showed us for a little bits but still good what she actually felt and was thinking of in all the climactic moments with her on the surface film – like her inner thoughts more than just seeing her flap around with feet.

So that’s one thing I really, really liked about the movie.


It was fine to me probably the only reason why they did tphat (hire a Black actor) is because it’s because she’s the best fit for this role. Same with Scuttle just best fit, best fit and that’s what they could get.

Good yeah now with the new character character design

I think it I think it made it better especially for Sebastian because it just added a lot more depth to his role. 

And yes I did notice a few changes to song lyrics like Under the Sea and Part of Your World.

Well, they were subtle but they just made the song better to show how those characters singing actually felt about that particular part part of the story.


Overall I thought this was one of Disney’s better live actions. I really enjoyed the movie. I hope you do, too.

If you enjoy Elijah’s review, check out his previous contributions to this blog. Elijah learns and expresses himself best verbally and does a great job creating audio and video content. His mom recorded his review and his older brother provided audio editing. They are also both occasional contributors to this blog.


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