Liesl Obrecht, Selina Wu, And Their Kitten Brothers Are Doing Great

Nearly four weeks have flown by since this little litter of sweet kittens joined our (foster) family and they are doing great. Yay Kitten!

Refresher: they were born in April in Fayette County, found in a barn, and voila! So now they are eight weeks old. They eat like champs, they play, they tussle, there is no hissing.

No significant health issues so far. Their worst behavior is pooping in the tub. That’s both gross and wonderfully easy to clean/sanitize. The other challenge is that Liesl Obrecht and Selina Wu look almost identical. No distinguishing markings, nothing. Their faces are slightly different, but it is hard to catch. So we have to mark their inner ears to distinguish them. Liesl is green and Selina is pink.

They all love to eat and have reached the point where they recognize the snap of the canned cat food lid. They probably could be gaining a bit more weight so I’m increasing their canned food today – I think the sudden weather changes has an impact on their eating whims. They eat six cans of wet food and mountains of dry kitten food every day.

Personality wise, Cyrus and Cesar are the clear social kittens. Cesar in particular is brave, curious, and the first one to check out new things. Cyrus is right behind him. The others come out after a few minutes. They aren’t hiding away, just a little standoffish until they check out the new situation.

Higgins wavers. Sometimes he is very curious, other times he holds back.

What they all love to do is play. They play from one end of the bathroom to the other. A tumbleweed of miscellaneous kittens. They all play with each other, there are no clear bonded pairs. They sleep in a pile. They share supper plates just fine.

Rather then me describe, let me show you.


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