Help us Get #ProtectTransKids Yard Signs into Butler County and Beyond

In less than a year, we’ve distributed (planted) 1100 yard signs readings #ProtectTransKids along with thousands of stickers and pens.

It is time to drag out the planting/spring/bloom season metaphors and turns of phrases to get more signs into the ground.


First, the original court case involving the neighbor who vicious rhetoric inspired our signs is still in progress. And will be for a while. That’s not even taking into consideration the State civil crimes charges or the other civil action. We promised we’d walk with the family as long as the cases continue.

Second, 453 pieces of state level legislation have been introduced in 2023 to date. That’s already surpassed all of 2022. This legislation is anti-trans and anti-LGBTQ including denying trans kids life-saving healthcare, ‘don’t say gay’ bills, bathrooms bills, sports league bills, book bans, and more.

Third in Pennsylvania, we have one active piece of legislation and several proposed pieces in “memo” format.

Fourth, there are 501 school district in Pennsylvania. Each and every school board seat up for election in May and then in November deserves our attention. Raising the visibility of the campaign increases options that people will reach out for support. And vote.

Next, we’ve identified about 40 Pride events in Western PA this summer. We need signs at each event.

Finally, they asked. These communities would like to distribute signs. So I am asking you to consider donating so we can get the signs printed and distributed.

The pins reflect where signs are currently planted.

The pink hearts show the areas we’d like to cover this with mini-campaign.

The spaces in-between would look good in our signs, too.

Right now we are looking at

Butler County (2 boxes)


Washington County

Fox Chapel School District

That’s five boxes of signs and that will cost us $2500.

As you know, we do not require a fee or charge for signs. We rely solely on donations. Our contacts on the ground in these communities will coordinate distribution and encourage recipients to “pay it forward” with a donation so we can reach into other communities.

We will continue to order new signs as long as we have requests (and donations.) Let’s do this …

Request a sign AND stickers

Protect Trans Kids
Request a sign or sticker by clicking on the image


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