COVID Chronicles – They Lost My Test

My wife was exposed last week and by Sunday night, felt horrible. She called our PCP and they brought her right in for a test. They told me that since we cannot isolate from each other, I likely would get it. But wanted me to wait to be tested. OK, fine.

I didn’t feel great Tuesday so I called Wednesday morning. They asked me to come in that morning. I received the confirmation email, but it read Thursday so I called back – they told me that they could not cancel a scheduled appointment and mistakenly used Thursday so I should come right in as a “walk-in.” OK, fine.

Laura had results in under 24 hours. So as 24 hours passed without notification, I check the Curative website and saw the mistaken appointment still listed. I was concerned.

I called the COVID coordinator and she told me to call the front desk ??? The lady at the front desk helpfully reset my password for the practice online record system. Hey, at least she tried to help. The COVID coordinator ignored me from that point onward.

This morning I called my doctor because I suspected something was up. Sure enough, they lost the test. It was recorded as being performed but not send to the lab. So while I still think Metro is one of the better options when it comes to community health, I would not suggest you get future COVID tests there. You are better off at a pharmacy.

I feel horrible. My asthma is flaring up so I’m concerned. I do not want to end up in this hospital over a weekend. I’ve been in bed a lot this week. I had a very full plate this week/weekend and wasn’t successful in shifting it – I’ve been getting calls and texts and messages and it is just overwhelming me. I don’t understand how people don’t get “I’m sick, call someone else” means don’t call me to ask who to call. Especially when I already identified who to call. But those folks have to answer their phones.

I feel terrible, but I am also so so so grouchy. I had a positive home test in July which seems odd, but my doctor wanted to wait for these results to discuss what that meant. Now there is no second test. This is a parody, right? Now I took a home test that’s positive and they are (I bet) going to prescribe medication from a pharmacy.

It is hard having two sickos in the house at the same time. Every day, we prioritize the cats – who has the energy to feed them, who can administer their meds, who can go to the colony. Which is mostly not me these days. My excitement is shifting positions in bed and willing my lungs to keep working.

The anti-viral everyone waxes on about has three main side effects – rebound COVID, impact on kidney, and impact on liver. I can’t risk my kidneys because of other medications I take.

I feel like a complete failure. I let so many people down this week, I’m being a mean grouch when I try to answer questions, and I’m just not going to get myself in this situation again.

I’m really angry with the person who didn’t wear a mask. That was the key to preventing all of this. Masking up. And the selfish or lazy choice not to do so hurts countless people.


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