Show Your Community Cat Pride with this Unique Yard Sign

Pittsburgh LGBTQ Charities (PLC) created these yard signs to highlight the many wonderful cat folx throughout the region – pet owners, rescuers, colony caretakers, veterinary professionals, and others. We love our yard signs in this region! And ’tis the season for other yard signs to spring up everywhere. Let’s add cats to that mix.

Proud Community Cat Folx

Your $50 donation will support cats and cat caretakers through our #PghCatFolx projects. It can be used to:

  • Provide food for a colony of five cats for one month
  • Cover part of the costs of a spay or neuter procedure
  • Purchase one small TNVR humane trap
  • Vaccinate and microchip one cat at a community clinic
  • And more …

You can request a sign with your donation using this form. Signs can be picked up in Brentwood, Northside, and Swissvale. Other arrangements can be made on a case by case basis. We cannot ship or mail the signs. For an additional donation, we can arrange delivery in Allegheny County.

You can donate via

The signs are  18″ X 24″ with a step stake. They are a gold yellow color with black ink. They are easy to assemble and place in your yard. The design came from our supporter and neighbor, Cas Armour (she/her) – thank you, Cas! The signs were printed by Commonwealth Press – a union shop, locally owned, and a longtime good friend to the LGBTQ and cat communities.

Pittsburgh LGBTQ Charities #PghCatFolx projects strive to fill gaps in existing services and supports. Not a rescue, TNVR, or foster group. The focus on connecting cat food donations to caretakers, organizing clinics, promoting the many existing cat rescues, and more. I believe it is never all about the cats, it is also about the caretakers and other folx in our community.

The meaning of the signs

We chose the language to be as representative as possible of the many people who support community cats (and any cats.) Cat folx replaces the traditional term ‘cat lady’ to include diverse genders, gender identities, and ethnic identities as well. We know many of our neighbors doing this work and generally loving cats include men, BIPOC, LGBTQIA and queer people, and more.

Community cats are unowned cats that live outdoors everywhere – in every neighborhood and community. Terms like ‘stray’ or ‘feral’ or ‘homeless’ are used as well. We prefer community cat because they are fixed part of our landscape, our communities. Finding ways to co-exist in harmony with them and help them live healthy lives is the goal. This includes reducing intrusive behaviors and providing food, clean water, and shelter. When community cats are discovered to be friendly or have kittens, we try to find good homes for them through a series of regional rescue and foster organizations. Trap/Neuter/Spay/Vaccinate/Release (TNVR) is an essential tool to reduce reproduction and keep everyone healthy. Typically a cat that has been TNVRd has a tip in its left ear.

Read more about community cats here.


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