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Josiah's Workshop

One of the perks of blogging for 16 years is being able to share a little more deeply the content I reference on my social media channels. I decided to make my first post of 2022 about my family.

This is my nibling/nephew, Josiah. He is 14, close to 15. He’s always had an affinity for music and can play multiple instruments by ear as well as sing – he has a lovely voice. He’s had music lessons and attended different camps, etc. This past year, he went out of his comfort zone to participate in an Industrial Arts Workshop summer camp focused on welding. He loved it and took to it while also starting at a new school and continuing his music work. During a pandemic. His artistic literacy knows no bounds or genre limits.

I thought you should meet him as an artist and so here is his first media interview.

For Christmas, he gifted his aunts (us) with this beautiful sculpture that brought us both to tears. It the first in this series he’s planning. The first.

We are very proud of him and appreciate him sharing his journey as an emerging artist with us. His work is currently on display as part of the modern art exhibit ‘Art on the Walls’ at Eleven Stanwix St through January 2022.

Also, Josiah is the first person I’ve ever allowed to be interviewed via text. He’s dragging me into a new blogging comfort zone.

Name: Josiah
Pronouns: He/him
Age: 14

How do you describe your identity?  Pittsburgh industrial artist and musician

You are a multi-disciplinary artist and creator, including performing arts and sculpting. Tell us about your very first experience with the arts. I have been creating art since before I can remember.

You create and perform music. You play multiple instruments by ear, you sing, you compose, you rap. What draws your to music and where do you think it will take you? When I make music and compose I usually think about real world problems and I think music is a good skill to have but I have recently been focusing on welding and industrial art.

Also, tell us about the instruments you play and the order that you learned them. I played trombone in band for 4 years and ukulele for about 1 but I took brief piano and saxophone lessons

You released your first EP this summer. Give us some insight into how you composed and selected the songs to include. Well I composed the whole ep in about 2 months and the songs themselves are what I think different types of hip hop mean

Josiah’s sculpture via the Industrial Arts Workshop exhibit 2021.

This summer, you also began working in the industrial arts through a welding camp. What was it like the first time you used those welding tools on your own? Well I was a little unsure if I was interested in industrial art or not until the start of the summer I was a little nervous using the tools at first but once I first used the tools I fell in love with the trade

Your moms have been supporting your work by creating a welding space for you in your backyard and helping you with the tools. They had also helped you pursue different instruments. How has their support impacted your creative life? Without my parents I would not me we’re I am today they gave me my own space to work on my craft not only that but they have supported me with every step of of the way and I’m very thankful

You have a sculpture in a show right now. Please tell us about it, including the description you posted on Instagram. I torch cut and welded a pair of working scissors ✂️ symbolizing that you can cut connections that are harmful to you and others but at the same time you can take negative situations and turn them into positive ones they are currently being displayed and auctioned off at art on the wall 11 stanwix is was my first personal project at iaw industrial art workshop

Do welding and music speak to you in the same way? Could you do one without the other? That’s a really good question I’m at the beginning of my career and at this stage I don’t know yet

What other ways does art influence your life? In every way I constantly think about how I can better my craft and make it more interesting and relatable for my supporters and community

Who are some Pittsburgh based artists who inspire you? Tim Kaulen, fryzy, con$c3nce

What Pittsburgh artist would you like to work with and why? I have worked with some very inspiring artists and creators such as my welding instructor tim Kaulen who is a great teacher, he also taught me the creative design process and inspired me to continue welding.and the artist who inspired me to do music Frzy I met him through a program a few years ago and ever science I have wanted to succeed in music like him but I would like to do a song with Maby Frzy that would be cool

Photo courtesy of Josiah’s Workshop

Where can readers find your music and sculptures? I now have an official Facebook page you can find it at “Josiah’s Workshop

Where can they find you on social media? my Instagram is qt_zetra and I have a tik tok for my workshop it is jjs.workshop.

When are you going to join my blogging team and work on the art of writing? id definitely be interested when I have a small following to show some of my art and other talents my current craft 

I’d be remiss as an adult if I didn’t ask you about your favorite subject in school, right? Where do you go to school and how is it helping you with your art? I go to city charter high school and it has connected me with other talented artists

Do you think you’d like to try your hand at other art forms? Possibly in the future

Thank you, Josiah.

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Our genuine reaction to the gift of his art


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