The Pop Goth Tune ‘I Love Cats’ From Vision Video aka First TikTok Video I’ve Posted on My Blog


By popular demand: the full song!#cats #goth #thesmiths #thecure

♬ I Love Cats by Vision Video – Vision Video πŸŽƒ Goth Rock Band

Ed sent me this TikTok video. My first reaction was a nostalgic twinge taking me back to The Cure and The Smiths of my youth. With cats. This is a Gen X cat folx dream come true. When Laura came into the room, overheard some of the song, and said “That sounds like The Cure influenced them” – I knew I had to embed this TikTok Video on my blog. The first ever.

It also occurs to me that one way to dampen the impact of TikTok on young people is to bring more middle-aged and old people onto the platform. Like we took over Facebook so hard it had to change its name.


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