Pet Food Shortages Make Your Donations of Cat Food Essential.

I order cat food on a monthly basis and just went through our pantry to see what we needed. I was shocked to check my go-to place and discover that Fancy Feast is on complete backorder, as well as nearly $2.00/can. It is typically about $.66/can.

Shelves at Target, pet food stores, even Chewy are also empty. Of course, it is the shipping issues facing many industries. And facing companies like Purina more than the higher specialty foods.

My solution for our pets was to lay in an extra month’s supply of dry food just in case we need to tide them over. They can live without wet food here and there. BUT the foster cats cannot, especially the kittens. Now finding a place to store that food is a challenge.

And then there are our ferals. I buy a 50lb bag of Special Kitty every month and just ran out this morning. Fortunately, I had a bag of other brand food to help limp along until the next order arrives. And I cut back their wet food by half to avoid an issue – I want them to have the extra calories in the winter months.

Our ongoing cat food drive is still in full swing. You can select a caretaker and ship food directly to them to help them weather this financial blow.

Or you can donate from our general list and we’ll make sure it gets to the caretakers, fosters, and others in need.

If you have a partially used bag or carton of wet food, now is the time to pass it along. Winter is fierce for the ferals and for the caretakers whose own bills often rise. If your cat wouldn’t eat a certain brand. If you see a sale while shopping for yourself. If you have the Purina coupons for a free bag of food. Now is the time.

You can bring donations to my house – please let me know ahead of time. I will put a bin out front and in the backyard. Treats are welcome, too.

Empty Cat Food Shelves
Photo by R. Lowe


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