Photo of Tiffany Thomas, Black Trans Woman Victim of Murder in Dallas

Tiffany Thomas via Dallas PD

Tiffany was murdered in a car wash on April 24, 2021. She was 38 when police found her unresponsive on the ground. She died on the scene from a gunshot wound.

Tiffany was originally identified as a trans woman until her family insisted that was not true. Trans advocates were furious because a murderer is on the loose and a vital potentially life saving detail for other trans women was being suppressed by law enforcement. This was just days after two men deliberately targeted trans women in Charlotte, North Carolina, murdering two women.

Police finally released her name but continue to use her deadname and male pronouns, likely to appease the family. Appeasing anyone with a murderer on the loose is not wise.

Today, Dallas PD released her photo. Photos matter because Tiffany was presenting as femme the night in question and the photo might generate leads or tips. Like they do in other homicide cases.

It will also be important for detectives, assistant district attornies, and a jury to understand that Tiffany was part of the trans community. The potential for hate crimes charges are not contingent on the family’s opinions about gender identity. In fact, those opinions might be relevant to how she ended up in that car wash. Family rejection can do deep and lasting damage.

Trans advocates demonstrated their grit and determination to honor their sister and protect each other by pushing the Dallas PD. It shouldn’t rest on their shoulders alone.

Rest in power, Tiffany Thomas.


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