How to Donate to Funeral Expenses for Chynaa Carrillo, Jasmine Cannady, and Jeffrey ‘JJ’ Bright

Over a five day period, Western Pennsylvania lost three young BIPOC neighbors to violent deaths.

On Thursday, February 18, in New Wilmington, PA 24-year-old Chynaa Carrillo was beaten to death by the man she was dating. He was killed by police at the scene. Chynaa was a trans Latinx woman and a CNA working in local nursing homes. Her killer had previously killed his then-20-year-old wife in 2011 and served eight years. Police have not specified his motive for killing Chynaa yet.

You can support her family using these accounts.

On Monday, February 22, 2021, another tragedy unfolded in nearby Ambridge. 22-year-old Jasmine Cannady and younger brother, 16-year-old Jeffery ‘JJ’ Bright were shot to death by their mother who has been detained on two counts of homicide. Investigators have not yet released details on motive.

Jasmine and JJ were both also BIPOC. JJ was a trans male teen who had socially transitioned four years ago.

You can support their funeral expenses via this crowdfund set up by PRISM of Beaver County.

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