Tuesday, December 29, 2020 is Officially ‘Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents Day’ in Pittsburgh

A little heads up on our 15th anniversary (blogiversary) tomorrow, December 29, 2020.

I’ll share the actual proclamation tomorrow. But I must say right now that this touched me far more deeply than I imagined. Councilor Bruce Kraus sponsored this and the staffer who handled it was so delightful to work with, they seemed genuinely thrilled for me.

I tuned in to the Council meeting this morning to watch the proclamation. It was very brief and I just adored that the tech issues of Word not pulling up a document were part of those moments – how very fitting for a blog. I watched the expressions of the visible members of Council as these words were read and I saw smiles and head nods.

I keep thinking back to these precious days of Christmas breaks during school years. I remember mostly feeling a bit cold, a bit let down, and a bit unsure of hope. I was not a writer – no diaries, no letters, nothing. In fact, I was afraid to put things to paper because that sort of permanency felt very threatening. That’s a trauma response.

If you had told that kid she’d be a writer with local and national awards and have a day named after her blog, she’d say “what’s a blog?” (of course) and then physically back away from you because there was no way she was going to write about anything for 15 minutes much less 15 years.

So let the celebrations begin! Send all the Grub Hubs. But no more cookies, please. 🙂

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