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Tonight I watched Joe Biden’s Town Hall with Lester Holt of NBC.

I don’t know why. I’m firmly #TeamBidenHarris. I guess the ludicrous behavior of the current President leaving Walter Reed and returning to the White House left me longing for reassurance that the ship can be righted.

It worked. He wove his absurdly corny stories into real policy plans. And he ended on this comment

Gomez asked Biden about the age difference between Biden and Generation Z. Biden said he would be a transitional president.

“You are the future. You are the best educated, the most open, the least prejudiced generation, the future is yours, and I am counting on you,” he added.

A bit later I read on Facebook that a friend was helping her kid unpack pressure from other parents to have a little boyfriend at age five. Mom realized kid wasn’t phased by potential of same sex relationships, but responding to the ickiness of preschool dating.

This kid gets it – parents and adults who impose heteronormative relationship goals aren’t just biased, they are doing real damage to their kids. And kids raised in representative environments get it. They are healthier.

I donate monthly to Biden and down ballot candidates. I am trained to text with Turn PA Blue. I run Q&As with local folks about various aspects of voting. And tomorrow, I’m taking my ballot to the County Elections office in the morning.

Now, I’ll do more.

You might appreciate the Town Hall.


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