Dear David. August 18, 2020.

Dear David,

The DNC 2020 starts today. I don’t typically watch the conventions except the high-profile speeches and monitoring the platform itself. And attending a convention would be a nightmare for my socially anxious self unless I could sit in a very private box like at PNC Park. Pre-COVID.

It occurs to me that a truly nationally based convention using TV, radio, and Internet technology is actually more democratic than a big jammed up group rotating around the nation. Senator Cory Booker made a comment about how excited he is to speak from Newark to the party on MSNBC yesterday. It resonated with me. Is anyone remotely tied to Pittsburgh speaking?

Overall, I don’t think delegates in this region do a very good job of actually connecting with the average voter. It seems more like a popularity contest for a title and a trip than a truly accountable position. Sort of like ACDC but with more shiny young faces. Their jobs are important, but after 15 years of political blogging – it just feels like any such role is a notch in the belt of ambitious party insiders, especially those trying to move up in the party.

So it is an important role, but not one very well understood and it seems like the newly elected delegates simply perpetuate that mode of operating. Just like ACDC. And get equally defensive about being asked to take on the mantle of true reform.

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As I approach age 50, I start to notice how young people involved in advocacy and politics and such remind me of well, me, when I was in my thirties and forties. It is both shocking and probably well-deserved, to be honest. I could be a real bitch. But I wasn’t ambitious so much as eager to connect and be valued by people.

Thankfully, I can’t remember how I was in my twenties, but I’m sure I thought I knew everything. Maybe I did and just resent now that I forgot everything? Who can keep track of everything that we forgot!

I did not watch Michelle Obama’s speech because I was working with our foster kittens. I’m going to watch this afternoon. Did you watch?

I also forgot to post this last night – oops.

At Antney’s, I had a guava slushie. Over the weekend, I (finally) made peach ice cream from scratch and – OMG, the farmer’s market peaches were awesome.

Very truly yours,



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