Help Pittsburgh MasQUe ProjecT Fund Campaign to Encourage Mask Use #MasQUeUP

Clearly, not everyone realizes the importance of properly wearing a mask.

The Pittsburgh MasQUe ProjecT wants to expand our promotional and educational efforts. We need your help to finance these efforts. We have to be creative because we can’t use flyers or table at events or for the most part literally connect with our community members. Our message is that we are a source of free masks for trans and queer households AND the importance of wearing the mask. This is a healthcare decision. Period. This is a public health campaign. Period.

We’ve had some great support already. Pittsburgh City Paper published an op/ed. Phat Man Dee wrote and recorded an original song as an anthem. E! the Dragnificent named as the beneficiary of their first Insta live pandemic solo performance. Hot Metal Hardware named beneficiary of their Insta live show.

We’ve distributed masks to hundreds of individual households, several local community organizations, and to local trans and queer led protests. We donated to a Pride parade in Crafton. We continue to reach out to anyone who might need us.

Our plans includes some other tools such as

  • advertising in local publications such as the City Paper
  • advertising/promotion via local online queer performances
  • buttons and stickers to be distributed with minimal contact
  • social media campaigns
  • growing our #MasQUeUP collection of photos
  • rural delivery of masks and resources/information in partnership with local orgs on the ground and PriZilla the decomissioned school bus
  • <insert your suggestion>

We need your help to do this and continue our existing work. We have to buy bags, postage, fabric, and more. And we’d love your feedback.


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