#FeralCatFoodDrive: Barbara, 77, Feeding Ferals in Oakland

As part of our work to support local caretakers of feral cat colonies, we organize pet food drives. COVID-19 interfered with our plans, forcing us to move to virtual drives including wishlists.

This is the wishlist for Barbara, a 77 year old caretaker in Oakland.

Barbara is a 77 year old caretaker who has been taking care of Oakland cats for 10 years. The colony started when someone dumped their friendly cats outside and they started reproducing. Now there are about 20-25 cats in the colony with the majority of them being spayed or neutered. Barbara worked for the county as a clerk to help bail people out of jail. Now she is retired and uses her social security to care for her ferals. She feeds them twice a day and is grateful for any help.The cats eat wet food and dry food.

If you’d like to send Barbara some food, this is her list. It will ship directly to her.

You can also take donations for Barbara to Mr. Sign on Western Avenue – please be sure to label all items – during business hours.

All brands of wet and dry are welcome. We cannot accept open or partially used food.

Cat food drive Pittsburgh


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