2020 Pittsburgh LGBTQ+ Community Survey by Pittsburgh Equality Center

The Pgh Equality Center is an important community resource. I served on the board circa 2004. I was part of the strategic planning process. I’ve been a volunteer in various capacities.

They are currently seeking community input on their services and programs. I urge you to make time to share your thoughts.

I do need to say that some of the questions are awkward to answer. In particular, there’s a disrespectful reference to sex work that made me uneasy and there is no use of the term cisgender or cis. I mentioned both things in my own response. It’s still important to weigh in since almost no other organization offers that opportunity.


Everyone who completes the survey and provides contact information by May 16, 2020 will be entered into a drawing for several gift certificates.

2020 Pittsburgh LGBTQ+ Community Survey

It is hard to believe that it has been forty years since the “PGH Equality Center“ (PEC) formerly known as the “Gay & Lesbian Community Center” or “GLCC” was founded as an offshoot of Persad Center. Initially, the GLCC provided a much-needed volunteer phone line to provide referrals and answers to callers seeking information, social activities, bars and most often a kind ear to listen. People were calling for a variety of information for themselves or others about being questioning, closeted, confused, coming out, fears, inexperience, finding support, safety, medical and psychological assistance and a vast array of issues about being LGBTQ+ here in Pittsburgh.

Periodically, the PEC surveys the community and adjusts the mission and purpose in order to meet the current needs of the local LGBTQ+ community for providing activities, referrals, research, activity, meeting space, etc. Now, with the organizational name change and the Center’s June 2019 temporary move to Ellsworth Avenue in Shadyside, the roles and services need to be aligned with what the community currently desires. We want to hear from you as a member of the local LGBTQ+ community in order to adjust our role and mission to provide for missing needs in the community, to support and supplement the services provided by existing LGBTQ+ organizations and to provide visibility for the community.

We promise that this survey will only take a few minutes to fill-out and submit. Please complete and submit the following survey by MAY 16, 2020. Thanks in advance for your participation and please pass the survey along to interested family and friends!



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