#SteelCitySnowflake Q&A with Princess Jafar

As part of our #SteelCitySnowflakes project, we are highlighting neighbors who contribute to the social justice fabric in our communities. Next up is Princess Jafar who was nominated by Tereneh Idia. Princess Jafar and I go back a few years – I’m a fan and friend. Her commitment to building and promoting the queer arts scene is unparalleled. Thank you for supporting our project, Princess Jafar. We have created a snowflake for you on this page.

Princess Jafar snowflake

Your Name: Princess Jafar
Your Pronouns: She/Her
Your Age: Bronze
How do you describe your identity? PGH’s premier pop Arab Princess villain!

What does reclaiming the term ‘snowflake’ mean to you? Avalanches are made of snowflakes.

How are you working with other snowflakes in your community(ies)? We get $1 tacos on Monday and on 3/28 I’m giving away a trip with me to Walt Disney World! Come to Club Cafe for Princess Jafar’s Game Show Night $5 ticket enters you to win trips cash and prizes!

What are your top three issues/concerns right now? 1. The segregation of Pittsburgh’s theater, art, performance and music scenes. 2. How to get audience participation and how to curate the best audience experience. 3. How I am going to afford my life.

Tell us about the Steel City aka Pittsburgh. No response

Is Pittsburgh a snowflake city? No comment.

Where can readers find you on social media? @PRINCESSJAFAR on venmo twitter and IG

Who do you nominate to be profiled in this feature and why? Lisa Kudrow and Darrell Kinsel

Thank you, Princess Jafar

Readers who would like to nominate a Steel City Snowflake will find the nomination form at this link.



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