Guest Post by Ava: Five Queer Modern Artists to Follow on Instagram

Our niece Ava has put together a list of Instagram feeds you should be following. This is her first of what I hope will be many blog posts. ~ Sue

Here’s a list of queer modern artists and some information as to why you should follow their Instagram.

  1. Elton John. For many years, singer, Elton John has been an inspiration to many. He’s released many hits such as “Tiny Dancer” and “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”. A movie about his life was even released in May of 2019. Currently, Elton’s family consists of his husband, David Furnish, and their two sons Zachary and Elijah. Elton has also always inspired others to have confidence and to express themselves just like he does through his various stage outfits and bold glasses @eltonjohn
  2. Hayley Kiyoko. Hayley’s image has always been about loving yourself and standing up for your rights. One of her most popular songs, “girls like girls” was released in 2015 and ended up with Hayley’s fans giving her the title of “lesbian jesus”. Hayley has inspired many people to be more open about who they are and to love themselves with her music and she is still writing inspiring songs to this day @hayleykiyoko
  3. King Princess. King Princess has a wide range of fans. From straight allies to queer people like herself, she helps people embrace who they are through music. Her shows are a fun way to connect with people no matter what community they’re in because she always is sure to put on a good show. She provides various music aesthetics whether it’s a 1950s themed set or even extremely modern. She excepts all people and is, not to mention, an amazing artist @kingprincess69
  4. Brendon Urie. Brendon has made an impact on so many people with his band Panic! at the Disco he wrote a song “Girls/Girls/Boys” on the “Too Weird to Live Too Rare To Die” album. Brendon came out as Pansexual in July 2018. At most Panic! At the Disco shows, he carries a pride flag with the audience while singing his hit songs @brendonurie
  5. Kesha. All through the 2000s Kesha has been a bisexual pop icon. The music she makes, combined with her style, makes you just wanna get up and dance. Her Instagram feed is always interesting too. She just released and song with Big Freedia called “Chasing Rainbows”. Totally a dance worthy song @iiswhoiis 
Queer Artists to Follow on Instagram
Photos via Instagram


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