Gertrude Stein Political Club of Greater Pittsburgh Endorsements


PITTSBURGH, Pa. On March 8, 2020, members of the Gertrude Stein Political Club of Greater Pittsburgh (GSPCGP) endorsed, as follows, candidates for the April 28th Primary Election.

Federal offices: For President, after discussion, we endorse the statement, “Support The Democrat in the fall. Get involved as early as possible.” (No sour grapes.) US Congressman Mike Doyle has slowly and determinedly become a rock-solid ally. We endorse him (and trust him) unreservedly on our issues. We also, however, give Honorable Mention to impressive challenger Jerry Dickinson. His analytical, detailed, intersectional analysis is spot-on.

Statewide offices: Three candidates for Auditor General are exemplars of what a candidate for that office should be. All are also strong and persuasive on our issues. We co-endorse Nina Ahmad, Christina Hartman and Pittsburgh’s own Michael Lamb. Make your decision on some other basis.

PA State Senate: We ask questions and analyze answers, but we have a bias towards track records. Incumbent Jay Costa (State Senate Dist. 43) has, for years, been 100% dependable on the nuts & bolts and trustworthy on all our big issues. We endorse him. We also received thoroughly excellent answers from challenger Bill Brittain (Honorable Mention).

PA State House: Dist. 19 incumbent Jake Wheatley (D) has become pretty good on our issues (and we have seen him take strong stances on issues outside our purview). Aerion Abney, his challenger, is excellent on our issues and strong on some of those same issues. We don’t feel qualified to weigh in on who best serves the needs of the district, so we are co-endorsing both: you pick. In Dist. 20, we love and endorse Emily Kinkead. She’s kind, fierce, justice-aware, smart, clear on the issues, and just plain sensible. We’re pleased with Sara Innamorato, and re-endorse her in Dist. 21.(Challenger Waugh’s answers were also decent.) Endorsee Dan Frankel (23rd Dist.) has been solidly progressive on our issues since forever. Unopposed in the spring, he will face Walker, a young Green with many good ideas, in the fall. Dist 28: Endorsee Emily Skopov is unopposed in her primary; the fall will be a different story. If you’re in her district, start talking her up to your neighbors now! In Dist. 30, we like and endorse Lissa Geiger Shulman. Her answers were good, concise, and practical in the extreme. Erin Vecchio (32nd Dist.) is a breath of fresh air, a fighter, a friend. Who needs pomp and polish when your heart is in the right place? Endorsed. It’s a huge pleasure to re-endorse Summer Lee in Dist 34. (Fastest unanimous vote of the meeting.) In Dist. 36, we don’t just “have to” endorse Jessica Benham; we very much want to. Her insights as a member of our community (and others) are priceless. Even if that were not so, her answers are spot-on. (We are aware Johnson is also OK/good on many of our issues.)

Reminder: any voter can now request a mail-in ballot (mail or drop in person at Elections Department, County Office Building).

A multi-partisan organization with a multi-decade history educating candidates and encouraging support for LGBTQIAA+ and women’s rights, GSPCGP solicits responses from candidates of all parties. National races aside, we endorse only if a candidate requests it / submits a response. We aim to find, recognize, promote and develop as many good candidates as we can find.

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