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How to Submit a Guest Blog Post

Do you have a great idea for a blog post, one that would be a good fit for this site?

Maybe LGBTQ or feminist or racial justice topics? A story from your own life? A Q&A with your favorite creator? Or an analysis of the 2020 elections?

We have lots of room for guest blog posts and contributing bloggers. You can read more details here (please do as there is a request embedded in that link that we look for when considering requests.)

We are open to one-time submissions and on-going contributors. You set your own schedule and pace. You choose your topic(s). There are some fundamental points on which we will have to agree, but you can go many directions with a topic not necessarily the direction I would go.

This blog is a labor of love, not a source of profit. The costs to keep the blog and support tools in place come out of my pocket. We cannot pay anyone. If you are interested in writing reviews or promotional content, we can sometimes arrange for tickets to events. But for the most part, all we can offer is exposure and the visibility of our site and network.

You may decide that writing for us with a link back to your own site or social media accounts is a worthwhile exchange. But that’s a personal choice. Obviously, if we are able to offer stipends down the road, we will discuss that with our existing contributors before implementation.  And our inability to pay is one reason I don’t aggressively seek out contributors, but wait for them to seek us out.

That being said, guest blog posts are a wonderful supplement to our daily blogging and we absolutely adore our ongoing contributors. We want to use the blog to amplify your voices beyond the Q&A’s, so if you have an interest and the terms are okay with you, please click the link to get more information on next steps.

You do not need to be a super experienced writer to join our team, but we will ask you for a writing sample or a draft of your guest blog post before we commit. We expect you to proofread, edit for grammar and punctuation, and provide links/citations for your factual claims. It really is fine if you just want to give it a try and see how it goes.

So send us your pitches, folx.


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