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If you are reading this, you care or at least have mild interest in local blogging. This is my monthly plea asking for you to invest in our work so we can continue to make all the magic that brings referral links to you.

Blogging is not a labor of love, not a hobby, and not a community service. It also is rarely a paid endeavor. We earn some revenue from our ads (thanks SheKnowsMedia network!) and from my column & occasional guest essay. But that rarely helps us break even much less generate a profit to plow back into the blog. So nearly all of our blog expenses are paid out of my pocket.

Obviously, I could scale back or stop blogging if I chose because this work has no external compulsion. Except then who would cover these stories? It really is that simple an equation – if this blog is not properly resourced, what impact would that have on our communities?

There are multiple ways you can become an investor, either one time or ongoing.

Let me honest – I don’t think blogging access should be tied to how much you can pay. Your investment is for you and everyone else who wants to read this content. I do try to send monthly letters to sustaining donors with some fun information that I then publish on the blog a little later down the road. You’ll see a return on your investment right here in this space.

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