I Still Know How to Fold a Newspaper #NaBloPoMoPgh #NaBloPoMo2019

The Prompt – Pittsburgh no longer has a daily newspaper in print. Did your family ‘take a paper’ when you were growing up? Did they watch the local tv news or listen to the radio news regularly? Do you regularly read any Pittsburgh based media sites, both mainstream and alternative, now?

The short answer is YES. My parents were curious and brought up to pay attention to the news so took the local dailies (two – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Pittsburgh Press) as well occasionally at the hyperlocal McKeesport Daily News. Sometimes, we took a weekly paper if it was available.

Both of my parents watched the local and national news with regularity. They shooshed us away during ‘adult’ stories with distraction tactics and we were easily distracted because it seemed boring, but we loved to watch the weather and look at the local coverage to see if we recognized people or places. They also watched the evening news. As I recall, they preferred to watch KDKA with Don Cannon and Paul Long then the ABC National News with Peter Jennings. My mother watched the noon news on KDKA with Bill and Patti Burns.

When I was in college, I subscribed to the Washington Post via a student discount and sometimes watched the local news. I continued to subscribe to local papers wherever I moved.

Meeting Laura was amazing in many ways, but one was that she was a news junkie. She reintroduced me to the good things about watching the local and national news and I introduced her to the NYT home subscription. So now we subscribe to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the New Pittsburgh Courier, and the Sunday NYT. We watch KDKA news each evening and CBS National News. We both pick up and read the City Paper and Pittsburgh Current. I read PublicSource and WESA online daily.

I’d love to subscribe to more of the local print regional papers, but they aren’t available here on the Northside. Neither is the Washington Post Or the Los Angeles Times. I constantly keep an eye for good online deals to access these papers, both for the general news and because I like to use the archives. I do have a subscription to Newspapers.com as well.

Beaver County Times

Butler Eagle

Indiana Gazette

Kittaninng Leader Times

New Castle News

Sharon Herald

Uniontown Herald Standard

Washington Observer-Reporter



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