And I’m in Facebook Jail for 24 Hours

This morning, I was driving Laura to work and discussing the various protests scheduled around Trump’s unwelcome arrival in Pittsburgh this afternoon. I told her something to the effect that while I wish I could attend in person, I’m probably more useful using my social media tools to reshare original content from the frontlines. FAMOUS LAST WORDS.

Fast forward to this evening. I realize I have to log back in to Facebook for no apparent reason. And bam – my account has been suspended for 24 hours for blah, blah, unspecific blah, blah, blah. No commentings, no likes, no status updates, no posting to pages, no nothing.

If you go read my Facebook content from today, you will see

  • updates about our sick cats
  • critique of Persad Center’s lack of security precautions
  • bitching and moaning about my veterinarian’s office
  • criticism of Pittsburgh Police for several things
  • mockery of white male oppression
  • several tweets from WESA
  • a ten year old photo of my nephew eating chili (so cute)
  • a homemade video of my 3 month kitten trying to box with the 6 month old kitten

Hmmm … I’m going to go dive back into the novel I’m reading and try not to be irritated all night. It is an inconvenience, that’s all.


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