Ed Pinto, Phat Man Dee Drop Bubble Bath Video This Weekend with Rubber Duckie Cameo

Ed Pinto has upped his investment in the “How much would you pay to hear Ed Pinto’s life story?” fundraiser for #AMPLIFY with this video that dropped over the weekend.

Quick Recap – Ed is offering up chronicling his life story for the AMPLIFY archive as a fun fundraiser. We are trying to raise $2,000 and if when we do, I will join Ed in his famed bathroom at Pinto Manor. He’ll answer the AMPLIFY Q&A from his famed bathtub and I will type/transcribe for him. Phat Man Dee has offered to video the entire escapade.  We’ll make some teaser live videos, we’ll take photos and at the end of the day, we’ll have another entry in the archive documenting LGBTQ life in Western Pennsylvania. We will also add the unedited version of the video into the archive itself to be preserved for future generations. And we’ll release an edited version.


  • If you chip in $20, Ed will send you the raw version of the video below
  • If you chip in $100, you can add a question for us to ask Ed on camera
  • If you chip in $250, you can join us for the filming session

Everyone will get to read his Q&A and watch the extras on Facebook live as well as view the edited version of the video. So donate right now and help us get closer to $2000 to get this performance art project started!

All funds will go to the AMPLIFY project through our fiscal sponsor, Persad Center. Persad does not keep a penny. Ed will not get any pennies. If you prefer to donate outside of Facebook, you can visit our general Donation page for other options – just be sure to let us know to add your donation to this specific project.




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