The Daily Show Chose Pittsburgh to Explore How Corporations Capitalize on Pride Month

This aired Tuesday night on Comedy Central. Trevor Noah sent correspondent (we love those!) Jaboukie Young-White to explore issues around corporatization of Pride and the LGBTQ community. I’m shaking my head about the Delta Foundation trying to spin this (and the interview) as anything but a condemnation of their activities. LOL. How could they not see the shade looming over their heads in that interview? OMG, I can’t stop laughing.

This interview is terrific, especially the profound comments from People’s Pride March 2K19 organizers and attendees. It does a fantastic job of proving the point that Corporate Pride is not a good thing. It also highlights how grassroots, community level resistance like People’s Pride represents the multifaceted queerness of PIttsburgh. This is a major win.

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  • Is the message that our corporate group of employees that are Ally’s and support equality and diversity in our work place shouldn’t participate? We aren’t profiting off of it. It isn’t even marketing because we dont sell product to the general public. We do want to let everyone know we are a place to work where you can bring your whole self. Is that wrong to do? I did have someone come up to me at pride and ask if our company pays us to do the parade. Which I found to be an odd question I said no. We use our personal time to participate. Heck we even use our personal funds for the beads we pass out and the decorations. The only thing our company pays for is our registration to be there. We also do events throughout the year to support other lgbtq+ organizations throughout the year. The parade is not the only thing we do.

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