56 Lesbian Stories from Western Pennsylvania to #AMPLIFY Lesbian Visibility Day

Caution – this seems to be one of those made-up celebrations that are used to generate click-bait articles on websites targeting lesbians, but not necessarily driven by lesbians.

So this lesbian is going to seize the moment to write a non-click-bait article promoting lesbian visibility.

lesbian salute
Lesbian salute modified from the Girl Scout salute

First, read every single blog post I’ve written since 2005. I’ll wait. 🙂 (Read this post in particular to understand how that’s a joke.)

Cindy Rizzo posted a thoughtful piece at Medium in 2017 making the case for lesbian visibility and narrowing in on potential reasons why lesbians resist – internalized stigma around this history of lesbian exclusivity and the trauma of the TERF legacy.

I definitely get the latter point – having been TERF’d myself, I hope people give me the benefit of the doubt. I understand if they don’t because these nasty folks are causing tremendous harm in our community.

Regarding the idea of lesbian being a relic of the past, I’m not sure I agree completely. My impression is that the term lesbian was a catch-all umbrella term that provided a modicum of safety for all queer women and nonbinary folx at a time when we didn’t use words like queer or nonbinary to describe our identities. As our understanding of sexual and gender identity has grown more nuanced and robust, it is natural for people to use more precise language.

I find it ridiculous to read that lesbians are the least visible and most as-risk group in the LGBTQ community. That’s absolutely untrue. We aren’t losing anything by amplifying and sharing resources with the bisexual, queer, pansexual, asexual, agender, transgender and nonbinary communities. Some of those folks are also lesbians.

Lesbian identity has of course changed, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room under a differently termed umbrella for all of us. And it certainly doesn’t mean that lesbian culture can’t grow beyond ‘the good old days.’

In honor of all the lesbians, here are some of the #AMPLIFY contributors who have specifically identified as a lesbian. I urge you to read their stories and signal boost them as well.  This project uses open-ended questions including “How do you describe your identity?” so this list may not be 100% exact, but is a fairly good representation of our contributors. These are in no particular order. And note how many younger contributors are using the term lesbian to describe their identity.

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If you would like to share your story with the #AMPLIFY Project, you’ll find the Q&A here (it takes about 20-30 minutes)

  1. bee Revisits 60+ Years of Her Feminist Lesbian Experiences in Pittsburgh 
  2. Madelyne, 19, Shares Her Story as a Lesbian Growing Up in Johnstown
  3. Helen, 32, is a Lesbian, Immigrant, Irish Comedian Living in Pittsburgh 
  4. Rene, 48, is a Lesbian from Mercer County who wants to belong 
  5. Maria Talks Lesbian Life in the North Hills of Pittsburgh 
  6. Jenna,19, is Proud of Her Lesbian Identity 
  7. Madi Scull, 20, Identifies as a Nonbinary, Asexual Lesbian 
  8. Kool Kase, 32, is a Black Lesbian at Peace With Herself
  9. Kelsey, 22, Talks Lesbian Life in Elk County 
  10. Bobbi Jo, 63, is a Transgender Lesbian in Indiana County
  11. Katie, 25, Identifies as Puerto Rican, White, Cis-Female and Lesbian
  12. Marcia, 58, is Cisgender, Lesbian & Slightly Gender Nonconforming
  13. Regina, 33, Finds Comfort in Lesbian Ambiguity
  14. Laura, 44, is a Lesbian Mom in Fayette County 
  15. Camellia, 30, is a Lesbian, Soon-to-be Wife, and Momma 
  16. Patricia, 41, Does Not Feel Safe as a Trans Woman in Her Urban Pgh Suburb
  17. Diane, 56, Is Asexual With Lesbian Leanings and a Writer
  18. Pixie, 26, is Androgynous, Non-binary, Genderqueer and Lesbian, But Identifies as Pixie
  19. Dani Janae, 23, Identifies as a Black Femme Lesbian Poet & Trauma Survivor
  20. Char, 62, is a “Very Late Bloomer” Lesbian in Cambria County
  21. Jill, 49, Wants Young LGBTQ People To Have a Safe Place to Go In Cambria County
  22. Kim, 44, Say She Lost Her Job in Beaver County Because She’s a Lesbian
  23. As a Lesbian, Shelly Values Her Ties to Rural Indiana County
  24. Gloria a Happy Black Lesbian
  25. Sara, 35, On Her Reality as a Lesbian in Western Pennsylvania 
  26. Dinah Denmark: Lesbian, Jewish, Buddhist
  27. Jess is a Lesbian Mother Who Wants More Family Friendly Resources
  28. Saintly Sinner is a Cisgender Lesbi Not So Flexible Black Biological Womyn
  29. Alexandria is a Lesbian Artist Trying To Get Her Bearings
  30. Shawna on Her Unique Experience as a Lesbian in Indiana County #AMPLIFY
  31. Jessi is a Trans Lesbian Who Asks Questions
  32. Jan Offers an Older Perspective on LGBTQ Pittsburgh
  33. Joyce Believes Tolerance Is Not Acceptance
  34. Rae, 48, is a Pansexual Trans Woman Living in Allegheny County
  35. Chrissy, 40, Wants LGBTQ Folks to Educate One Another With a Sense of Humor 
  36. Wendi, 31, Describes Being a Trans Ally in Her Workplace
  37. Emily, 40, Talks About LGBTQ Visibility, Intersectionality & Resiliency 
  38. Morgan, 21, Hasn’t Met Other Openly Gay Suburban Couples 
  39. Heidi, 28, Learned That It’s Okay To Be A LGBT Christian
  40. Delilah, 31, Finds Trans Community on Twitter
  41. Sara, 28, Single Mom, Agnostic Jew, and Queer in Ohio
  42. Lisa Believes Being Out and Honest is ‘Like Flying’
  43. Alissa, 34, is Just Another Girl in the Crowd in Lawrence County
  44. Viva Valezz is a Queer Burlesque Performer Parenting a Gender Fluid Child
  45. Kathi Wants To Connect with LGBTQ Elders in Rural Communities
  46. Jaime From The ReelQ Film Festival Says Yep I’m Gay
  47. Taylor Wants More LGBTQ Resources and Community Unity
  48. Jessi is a Trans Lesbian Who Asks Questions
  49. Amber Has Always Been Proud of Being OUT
  50. Vic Lives Closeted in Westmoreland County
  51. KK Compares Small Town Michigan to Pittsburgh
  52. Cindy Has Been Fundraising for the GLCC for 14 Years
  53. For Jodi’s Kids, Having Two Mothers Is Just a Fact of Life
  54. Been Fundraising for the GLCC for 14 Years
  55. Skip Believes The Act of Coming Out Is a Continuous Process
  56. Shell is Proud of the Positive Impact of Pittsburgh Black Pride



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