Why We Won’t Cancel Our Post-Gazette Subscription

Don’t get me wrong. The decision to fire Rob Rogers is a terrible blow for the entire community, especially for those of us who are part of marginalized communities. And I can’t blame folks who are cancelling their subscriptions because I sort of expect that when Tony Norman retires, the newsroom will magically disappear and turn into a shiny Trumpian plaza with Keith Burris stroking his red pan, whispering, “My Precious.”

But we aren’t giving in, because someone has to pay attention. So why not the white lesbians who are lifelong newspaper readers and able to fork over the coins to feed the beast?

For those of you who want other choices, I suggest this: INVEST in positive media

Public Source is a non-profit site filled with reputable, solid news stories. Their social media feeds regularly share breaking stories from other credible sites. A PG subscription is about $28 a month for digital and print access 7 day a week. So if you can, have cancelled previously, or just want to see something better – donate to Public Source right now. 

The New Pittsburgh Courier is a weekly Black owned paper with an incredible history. You can subscribe for six months for just $25. They also have a robust website and social media tools.

WESA 90.5 FM is another important resource. I like the credibility, but I wouldn’t call them progressive. I hope they invest in more local and regional journalism to fill the gap.

A kickstarter to launch a new alt-weekly, helmed by Charlie Deitch, Pittsburgh Current.  I don’t know if he can pull this off, but I do want him to succeed. And it is certainly worth $25 to try?

So while you are cancelling or considering it or basking in it, make a donation now. We need solid media sources. It is up to us to do more than walk away from the Trumpfest that has become the Post-Gazette.

So we are watching you, Keith Burris and John Block. And may I add that my great-grandfather, former Executive Sports Editor for the PG and 50+ year newspaperman, would be appalled at what you’ve done. I’m sure you don’t give a good damn what I, my dead grandfather or anyone thinks. But you won’t stop us from thinking critically about your publication.

Support the expansion of AMPLIFY into the Northside’s 18 neighborhoods. Your donation will be matched 100% by The Buhl Foundation. Thank you! 


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