Nominate Your Pgh Favs for 2018 City Paper ‘Best of Pittsburgh’

The City Paper has changed the schedule for their annual ‘Best of Pittsburgh’ reader awards. Nominations are open now through April 29, 2018.  Nominate by clicking here

As a previous winner (2016), I can say how great it is to win. I can also say that it is both boring and distracting for the same folks to win, year after year. I believe last year’s winners should bow out of the nomination round and make room for other venues/people to have a chance.  I’m a fuddy dud like that.

Frankly, Pittsburgh, it is absurd to vote for Tony Norman, Eat n Park, and Rick Sebak. Same with Bill Peduto. They are all awesome and not lacking in feedback about their contributions. I hope THEY will be gracious enough to bow out of the nominations so we can get some new blood into the mix.  I don’t honestly expect a business to pull out because I know they use this for marketing purposes, but I do think individuals can make that choice. Let’s be good neighbors.

Let’s share the wealth and the glory.

Bonus points if you can limit your votes for white men to less than 25% of your total nominations (tricky, I know.)

Here are my suggestions

Culture & Nightlife

Best Theater Company:  PICT Classic Theater

Best Local State Production: The Princess Jafar Show

Best Local Poet: Joy KMT

Best Local Writer: Michelle Hammons

Best LGBT Bar: There Ultra Lounge

Best Haunted Attraction: Scarehouse

Best Street Festival: The People’s Pride

Best Independent Movie Theater: Waterworks Cinema

Food & Drink

Best Restaurant North: Royal Myanmar (West View)

Best Restaurant Downtown: Cambodican Kitchen

Best Thai Restaurant: Nicky’s Thai Kitchen

Best Sushi: Royal Myanmar

Best Milkshake: Burgatory

Best Sandwich: The Priory Fine Pastries

Best Burger: Bier’s Pub

Best Pizza: Giorgio’s Place

Best Teahouse: Arnold’s Tea House

Best Bakery: Priory Fine Pastries

Best Ice Cream: Antney’s Ice Cream

Best Sunday Brunch: Drag Brunch with Kierra Darshell

Goods & Services

Best Florist: K.S. Kennedy Distinctive Floral, Gift & Gourmet

Best Yoga Studio: Yoga With Goats at Returning Home Farms

Best Farmers Market: Northside on Cedar Avenue

People & Places

Best Nonprofit: Proud Haven

Best Local Blogger: Burgh Baby

Best Local Twitter:

Best Activist:  The Students. All of them.

Best Public Servant: Laura Dunhoff (18 years serving the City)

Best Place to Volunteer: Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank

Best Hair: moon baby

Best March or Political Action: Peoples Pride

There are more categories, but my life is dull and I don’t have any suggestions. We don’t eat at fancy places, we don’t drink, etc.


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