Emergency LGBTQ Youth Food Drive – Please Help With a Gift Card

As you know, we have multiple agencies supporting LGBTQ youth and young adults. They work together. One of the leading organizations is Proud Haven. We’ve been supporting their drive to collect Burlington Coat Factory cards to help youth purchase their own winter gear.

I just learned a few minutes ago that the unofficial food pantry stash was cleaned out today to help a 17 year old trans youth whose family does not have much food at home. There is no more food to offer.

Proud Haven’s Lindsey Sickler told me they expect to serve at least 30 youth this month. Some will need coats and clothing; almost all of them will need food. Hunger is a tremendous issue among LGBTQ youth. 

But hunger also affects teenagers who are out on their own. For at least 320,000 to 400,000 teens each year, hunger and homelessness are most often tied to family rejection.

There is also no official storage space so what is needed right now are food gift cards that can be distributed to the youth. No food, please. If you want to donate food, please reach out to Lyndsey Sickler 

Here is how you can help

  • Grocery store gift cards – preferably Giant Eagle, but Shop n Save can be helpful, too
  • Restaurant gift cards – McDonalds, Subway, Starbucks**
  • Visa gift cards – can be used anywhere

You can buy the cards and take to Proud Haven directly during office hours.  You can mail cards, too. Their address is 5132 Butler St., Pittsburgh PA 15201

You can shop online at Giant Eagle and have cards shipped to Proud Haven.

You can shop via the Amazon gift wish list for this drive and have cards shipped to PH.

Ecards can be sent to admin@proudhaven.org.

You can also send a check made payable to Proud Haven to 5132 Butler St., Pittsburgh PA 15201.

You can donate online to Proud Haven via their website (monthly will get there faster than one-time) and send an email letting them know it’s for food gift cards.

**Starbucks isn’t fast or cheap food, so what’s up? What’s up is that Starbucks has food, coffee, wi-fi, electrical outlets, and warmth. We have a lot of LGBTQ community members who work at Starbucks. It is a generally safe place to be given the corporate support for LGBTQ people.

Can we get 30 gift cards this weekend to make sure these kids will get this one concrete need met during the holidays?


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