Where Does the Blogging Magic Happen? #NaBloPoMo

Tell us about your writing space. Where do you write your blog posts?

When I began blogging, our desktop computer was in the attic so I ran up there each morning and again after work.

Laptops reunited me with Ledcat 🙂

Now, I mostly blog from our sofa. “My” side is on the right. I have a tv tray which I use as a desk. The tray is perched on a shaggy throw rug that I use to drag it back and forth without further scratching our very soft pine floor.

I have a half dozen throw pillows that I rotate to elevate me, support my back, etc. Each month or so, I toss them in the laundry or give them a quick handwash.

Our sofa is a lovely shade of red, but we typically have a couch cover because of the pets. I throw a bunch of blankets on the couch to keep them comfy, warm, and minimize cat hairballs on the couch cover. On any given day, the arrangements of pillows and blankets and critters can change.

99.9% of the time, I have a chihuahua mix named Ana attached to my thigh. Sometimes she’ll stretch out in the middle of the sofa, especially if I’m shifting my legs often. If I’m really antsy, she’ll decamp to the actual dogbed on the floor. But she always comes back.

Occasionally, I blog from my phone using the WordPress app. This is far from ideal, but it works when something is what you might label ‘breaking news’ or when inspiration strikes me on the go. Most of the time, I draft a post this way and then tidy it up on the laptop.

My goal for 2018 is to relocate to the kitchen for my daily computer work. I think it will be better for my back and neck. We have a nice sturdy table and four sturdy chairs. The chair seat cushions are threadbare so I have to head out to Target and buy something comfy cushions to tie onto the seats. We plan to refurbish the set which Ledcat’s mother bought in a garage sale in the early 1990’s. But temporary butt cushions are good for blogging.


So no fancy digs. Just a couch, some cats, and a computer. A few piles of newspapers, magazines, books. A half empty cup of coffee. Random things like pet nail trimmers, a pair of headphones that need to be repaired, and probably a stack of prizes from a recent contest.

I think chaos breeds creativity for me. Or something.


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  • Your blogging setup sounds pretty cozy, but I admit you might be a little more comfortable once you shift to the kitchen. Don’t be afraid to keep mixing it up, though. I personally like to move my work station all over the house, although I tend to gravitate back to the office eventually just because it’s more convenient. Sometimes I laugh at those Instagram-worthy office setups and have to wonder how long they really last. I’m curious to find out someday, but for now I’ll just keep considering myself a blogging nomad.

  • You blogging ‘arrangement’ sounds similar to mine, where it’s a balancing act with cushions, throws, and furbabies! I have a Yorkshire Terrier-Chihuahua cross who loves to snuggle in, as does my cat who has no issue with walking straight across my laptop! My laptop mostly rests on the arm of the sofa although I did buy a lap tray as I think the angle of typing was hurting my wrist. I think I have a certain level of chaos in my living room, but there’s a certain point where it drives me to distraction and I have to tidy up a bit! Good luck with NaBloPoMo!

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