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Because Election Day is almost here, I’m going to share a few political moments. My early days were very state and municipal focused. I mentioned 2 Political Junkies, Tony Norman, and Chris Potter a lot. I even criticized Chris Potter – whhhattt???? Things have changed, but you might enjoying browsing these posts to get a taste of political blogging in the mid 2000s.

The Big Queer Endorsement: Shifting Alliances

February 24, 2009

First up is my contentious relationship with former County Chief Executive Dan Onorato. This is one example. To read more about our mutual animosity affair, click here. 

“First up was Dan Onorato.  Frankly, I have no idea why he spoke as he is not running for anything.  I was not impressed.  Regarding the County Anti-Discrimination ordinance, he said “we have to get legislation that we can pass.”  He also acknowledged a new national “tone” and that we must “keep the tolerance level where it should be.”

Huh?  I hate to let you down right from the get go but this was just absurd.  Legislation that can pass sounds suspiciously like “lose the gender expression language and you got yourselves a deal.” And what the hell does it mean to keep the tolerance level where it should be? Tolerate homosexuals because the country elected a black man?  This is what the third most powerful Democrat in the state chooses to talk about at a gay meeting?  Not his position on the ordinance.  Not his position on domestic partner benefits for his employees.  Not plans to diversify his staff, train his first responders or any such issue.  No, he spoke the language of capitulation and I think that is a bunch of bullshit. ”

The Gay Chat: Here’s How It Went

May 1, 2007

This one is a long-time favorite. My impression of so many local electeds, ten years ago. I adored Rich Fitzgerald (whoops) and Mike Lamb (maybe?), but now-deceased Len Bodack stole the show by explaining his Catholicism meant he was anti-anything. Tom Sokolowskihad a great line, but you’ll have to follow the link above to read it.

“Dan Onorato:  Said Dan favors extending nondiscrimination protections.  In his Steel-City questionnaire, Onorato said he’s in favor of domestic partnership benefits if the budget allows.  When he was called on that, the surrogate got a bit snotty and defensive.  Did he really expect a crowd filled with domestic partners and tax payers were going to just let that fly?  I asked a follow up question and he looked none too pleased. ”

OUTcomes: Pittsburgh’s Big Queer Rally

January 12, 2009

In 2009, I worked with folks to organize a rally in support of the county nondiscrimination ordinance. It was surreal – you can read the whole takedown here.  One of my favorite memories was meeting Kevin Acklin. He was so well-dressed that I was sure he was a rightwing spy. Now he’s Chief of Staff for the Pittsburgh Mayor. LOL.

“Sorry for the lack of critical analysis.  It would hardly be fair since I was more occupied trying to figure out the identity of the “important looking guy” in the back of the crowd (Kevin Acklin) and all that good stuff.

The important work begins now, my dear readers.  We have four days to drum up the attendance and testimony at the County hearing, but there’s more work to be done.  If you are kicking yourself for staying home and missing all the fun, go to www.steel-city.org and get involved.  Make some calls, volunteer for the GLCC, do something.

Finally, I do want to share my father’s insight upon learning I was going to a gay rights rally in the sleet and snow.  “Do you have your Terrible Towel?” he asked.  That’s so Pittsburgh.  So bring your Terrible Towel on Thursday and do all of our Dads proud.”

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LGBT groups reports that PA Anti-Gay Amendment Defeated by Legislative Infighting

July 02, 2006

This post has some language I wouldn’t use now, even though I was trying to be irreverent with trolls. I was so angry that elected officials were being congratulated for their weasly attempts to avoid voting against the anti-LGBTQ marriage amendment in Pennsylvania.

“Avoiding a vote is not at all the same thing as promoting and respecting diverse families.  Don’t let them spin you — there is a world of difference between Rep. Dan Frankel who stood up to bigotry and Senator Jay Costa who stood behind a political maneuver.  I’d rather choke on my own vomit than thank someone for not being too much of a bigot.  This little article about Rep Tony DeLuca is a classic example of the slippery slope Western PA Democrats seem to be heading down.”

As I read over my old posts, I’m struck by how mean I was. I mean, I threw around a lot of vicious words that I thought were satirical and biting. I’m not that blogger any longer and for that, I am grateful. But I won’t take it down because it is a description of a part of our reality that has been poorly documented.

I also used to pay much closer attention to day to day politics. I wonder what’s changed over the past eleven years?

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