Our #NaBloPoMo Quest Continues

UPDATE: It is Day 22 in the month of November. Thanks to a really nice donation yesterday from an anonymous donor, we are not losing any futher ground in our quest to find 30 new donations BUT … we have nine days left and need 13 additional donations by the end of the month.

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Here’s what we’ve been doing this month

We’ve had 12,800 unique visitors in 21 days which is terrific. And here’s the blog posts we’ve written (minus the giveaway posts) I count 31 in 21 days. So I’ve hit my goal of 30 posts, but I’m not stopping – but you can see the variety of topics we address. Some are necessitated by tragedy, others by unfolding political events. Others are more whimsical.

  1. Writing Disrupts Complacency #NaBloPoMo Day One
  2. Pittsburgh City Paper Explores Regional Drag Culture
  3. Black Trans Woman Candace Towns, 30, is 23rd Victim of Anti-Trans Violence in 2017
  4. Laura, 42, is a Bisexual Mom in Pittsburgh #AMPLIFY
  5. Where Does the Blogging Magic Happen?
  6. Why I Started Blogging In 2005?
  7. Bier’s Pub to Host Happy Hour Supporting SisTers PGH, AMPLIFY on Friday, November 17
  8. What do I read on a daily basis? #NaBloPoMo
  9. #VoteNo – City of Pgh Ballot Charter Measure Unfair, Lacks Good Governance
  10. Wayback to My Political Blogging 2006-2009 #Ouch #NaBloPoMo
  11. Eight Difficult Things About Blogging #NaBloPoMo
  12. Holiday Cards for LGBTQ Elders, Youth
  13. I Owe Allegheny West Neighbors an Apology
  14. Kierra Darshell’s PittsburghDrag Brunch Wraps Up James Street Run, Plans to Relocate
  15. Rachel, 24, Asks Where Are Our Out, Queer Women Role Models in Pittsburgh?
  16. Ten LGBTQ Blogs in Pennsylvania You Should Be Reading #NaBloPoMo
  17. Election Day 2017 Wrap-Up: My Queer Perspective
  18. My Family Tree: Unexpected Loss of My Cousin Brian Koerber
  19. Ben, 30, Wants All Gay White Men to Learn To Take a Step Back #AMPLIFY
  20. Her Name Was Dalia Sabae: One Year Later
  21. Q&A with Lauren from ‘Punksburgh’ blog, named ‘Best Local Blogger 2017’ by Pgh City Paper
  22. Dan, 36, is a Bisexual Man in Pittsburgh Who Wants to Build a Better World #AMPLIFY
  23. My Family Story: The Long Life of Regina Gallagher (1864-1960)
  24. My Love Affair With Wendy’s Hamburgers: National Fast Food Day
  25. Saying #MeToo For My Own Sake Because I Can’t Count on You
  26. On Being an Ally: A List of LGBT 101 Resources
  27. Mt. Lebanon Approves LGBT Nondiscrimination Ordinance, 4th in Western PA
  28. 52 Trans Stories from Western Pennsylvania Honor the Lost Voices on this #TDOR
  29. WTF?
  30. Michael, 50, is a Gay Man Who Lives Without Shame #AMPLIFY
  31. Obamacare & Crowdfunding Help Wes, 46, Pursue His Authentic Life


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